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Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is the term used to refer to the empowerment of women in all the spheres of life e.g. education, employment, health, safety, etc. It is fundamental to the economic and social progress of the nation as well as that of the world. As long as gender discrimination exists, an equated society and sustainable development cannot be achieved. It is important to realise and understand that women in the modern era are not only equally competent but often times even ahead of men in several socio-economic fields, thus making their presence in the work front extremely important.

At Hindustan Shipyard Limited, we have a total count of 58 women employees in various cadres including officers, staff and workmen who are contributing towards achieving the organisational goals and objectives. 5% of the total employed at HSL are women employees and working in various field like Design, Commercial, Planning, HR, Finance, IT etc. 
The welfare of women employees is observed with utmost priority by HSL management especially related to safety and giving opportunity. Ms Sujatha, Chief General Manager (Finance) is one among top echelons at HSL who is the guiding force and inspiration to all women employees.