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Dr.Upender Vennam, IPoS(1999)

Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO)

The Vigilance department plays a vital role in ensuring that the Rules and laid down Procedures of the organization and Government are adhered to in all circumstances and the discretionary powers vested with the individuals are exercised judiciously so that there is transparency in all official dealings.

 The Vigilance Department focuses on Preventive and Punitive role. Preventive Vigilance is a pro-active approach, which looks at creating awareness and education on anti-corruption measure, simplification of rules and procedures, plugging loopholes in the system. Punitive vigilance deals with disciplinary action against the employees who have engaged in corrupt activities. Another role is detective / surveillance.
Vigilance Department of HSL is doing various activities including capacity building / sensitisation among the employees towards Vigilance such as training on vigilance angle, Dos and Don’ts, Disciplinary Proceedings etc. Slogans on vigilance awareness are displayed on Intranet / digital display board regularly. Display boards containing contact details of CVO are available at prominent areas in the yard apart from HSL website. Systemic improvements are suggested and periodic site visits are undertaken by CVO and vigilance officials.
Vigilance Department in Hindustan Shipyard Limited  has been instrumental in bringing far-reaching policy like implementation of e-procurement in all departments including Ship Repair Complex (SRC), online EMD management system, e-payments, centralised Commercial Department, accounting and utilization of leftover material of previous projects on current projects etc., to mention a few. The changes brought in due to the initiatives have not only streamlined the system but also paid rich dividends in the form of savings to the Company. The Department has been in the forefront striving consistently to improve vigilance administration, by usage of leveraging technology aiming to reduce delays in systems/processes and thereby bring in more transparency and expediency in handling businesses of the organization.